Ogden Nash on Rich Bankers

Posted by admin on Saturday, June 12, 2010

Money Quote from Ogden Nash explains why bankers should be seen as no different than you or I. Could be because banking provides them with access to a lot more money
Bankers are just like anybody else, only richer Quote

“Bankers are just like anybody else, only richer” — Ogden Nash


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This quote by Ogden Nash suggests that bankers, while holding an important professional role, are ultimately still human beings like anyone else.

The best interpretation is that those in high-paying careers should not be put on pedestals or viewed as fundamentally different – beneath the titles and financial success, they have the same human experiences, flaws, and desires as others from more ordinary backgrounds.

This serves as a reminder not to make assumptions based on occupations or social statuses, as beneath surface differences all people share far more in common. It also encourages viewing others with empathy and compassion rather than envy or judgment. Their wealth by itself does not define bankers as individuals.

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