William Blake: Art vs. Money

Posted by admin on Thursday, August 26, 2010

William Blake Money Quote saying that money, simply by its presence, has a way of suppressing or destroying art and suggesting that they cannot co-exist
Where there is money there is no art Quote

“Where there is money there is no art’ — William Blake

Birthday November 28, 1757 – Died August 12, 1827


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William Blake seems to be suggesting that where significant money or financial interests are involved, true artistic expression and creativity may be lacking. A few key points:

  1. “Money” likely refers to commercial or economic priorities that could compromise an artist’s vision for profit/sales.
  2. “No art” implies a lack of self-expression, innovation, or focus on higher aesthetic/conceptual goals when money is the primary influence.
  3. Blake portrays money/commerce as having a potentially corrupting effect on art by pressuring works to prioritize monetary returns over creative integrity.

Overall, the quote conveys Blake’s view that artistic works flourish best when free from strong financial influences that could tempt compromising an artist’s vision for public/commercial tastes or rewards. Where money takes priority, the purer, less commercially-driven forms of “art” may be less likely to thrive according to Blake’s perspective.

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here there is money there is no art - William Blake
William Blake Quote Where there is money there is no art

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