Henry Ford: Money Atrophy

Posted by admin on Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Henry Ford Money Quote saying money can atrophy and become useless if left sitting unused and lifeless. Henry Ford said:
Money is like an arm or leg-use it or lose it Quote

“Money is like an arm or leg-use it or lose it” — Henry Ford


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In this quote, Henry Ford seems to be drawing a comparison between money and physical abilities like arms or legs. His point appears to be that just like muscles atrophy from lack of use, money similarly loses its value if not actively utilized or circulated.

Ford implies that keeping money idle is a wasted opportunity, suggesting wealth must be put to work through investment, spending, or other financial activities in order to maintain and potentially grow its purchasing power over time. The quote conveys Ford’s view that money demands active deployment and management rather than passive storing away.

Overall, he appears to promote the philosophy that financial resources, like physical capacities, need regular exercise and application to remain viable and useful.

Birthday: July 30, 1863 – Death: April 7, 1947

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