George Washington: Custom of Saving

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George Washington Money Quotation saying there is no value in cash that is collected only to keep the saver company or is left unused and unspent by anyone. George Washington said:
It is not the custom with me to keep money to look at Quote

“It is not the custom with me to keep money to look at” — George Washington


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In this quote, George Washington is conveying his view that money is meant to be used rather than simply accumulated and admired. The interpretation is that Washington sees currency as a medium of exchange rather than something to possess inertly for its own sake or value.

His perspective seems to be that the purpose of money is to facilitate transactions, investments and spending that benefit both the holder and broader economy/society, not to stockpile wealth idly without putting the funds to productive use.

The overall message is that Washington believed money was a tool to enable activity and progress, not an end in itself or something only to be possessed and regarded for its tangible form.

Birthday: February 22, 1732 – Death: December 14, 1799

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