Nathan Rothschild: Buying and Selling Investments

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Nathan Rothschild Money Quotation saying that investment bargains are best when a nation is at war and taking profits best as war is being declared. Rothschild said:
Buy when the cannons are firing, and sell when the trumpets are blowing Quote

Buy when the cannons are firing, and sell when the trumpets are blowing” — Nathan Rothschild


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In this quote, Nathan Rothschild is offering a piece of financial advice. His interpretation is that when wars or conflicts are occurring (symbolized by “cannons firing”), that is the opportune time to buy devalued stocks and assets. And conversely, Rothschild says that when peace is being negotiated or celebrated (symbolized by “trumpets blowing”), that is the time to sell holdings prior to any decline in prices from an end to the conflict.

The overall message seems to be that periods of military tension and crisis present opportunities for savvy investors to acquire undervalued assets, while postwar booms are optimal moments to realize gains by selling before peace settles in. Rothschild appears to be conveying the perspective that wars can be turned to profit by those who are willing and able to conduct business amid the turmoil.

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