Mick Jagger: Can’t Afford the Taxes

Posted by admin on Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Funny Money Quote – Quotation from Mick Jagger takes a jab at US income tax rates when he claims that he’d love to spend more time in America if the taxes weren’t so exorbitant.
I love America, but I can't spend the whole year here. I can't afford the taxes Quote

“I love America, but I can’t spend the whole year here. I can’t afford the taxes” — Mick Jagger


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Mick Jagger is expressing that while he loves America as a country, he cannot reside there permanently due to the high tax rates for wealthy individuals.

By saying “I can’t afford the taxes”, Jagger means that the amount of taxes he would have to pay if he spent more than part of the year as a resident would be prohibitive.

His quote suggests he appreciates America but must live elsewhere for part of the year to reduce his tax burden.

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