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Philosopher Albert Camus recognized that poverty was enslaving and that possessing cash means possible freedom from that sort of financial imprisonment.
Having money is a way of being free of money Quote

Having money is a way of being free of money” — Albert Camus


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In this quote, Albert Camus is suggesting that having a significant amount of financial wealth can paradoxically provide freedom from constantly worrying about money. By stating that having money is “a way of being free of money”, Camus implies that once someone accumulates enough assets and income, they no longer need to focus so intently on earning and spending every dollar.

Their resources give them the liberty to make choices based on personal interests rather than strict financial constraints. Camus’s statement conveys that wealth, when attained to a certain degree, can liberate people from feeling beholden to prioritize money above all else since basic needs are already met.

Overall, the quote means that significant prosperity allows for independence from being fully ruled or consumed by monetary concerns on a daily basis.

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