Stuart Wilde: Anti-Money Affirmations

Posted by admin on Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stuart Wilde Money Quotation suggests that complaining about lack of money is the equivalent of an affirmation, guaranteeing that you definitely won’t have it.
The more you moan and affirm that you don't have enough money, the more it slips from your grasp Quote

“The more you moan and affirm that you don’t have enough money, the more it slips from your grasp” — Stuart Wilde


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In this quote, Stuart Wilde is suggesting that constantly complaining about not having enough money or affirming a state of lack can actually cause money to slip further from one’s grasp. Wilde believes that the energy and mindset of always feeling deprived financially serves to perpetuate that reality.

By moaning or dwelling on not having enough, one is in a sense manifesting and attracting that experience. However, taking responsibility for one’s circumstances and changing one’s internal dialogue to be more positive, optimistic and abundant can help shift one’s financial situation for the better over time.

The quote recommends focusing on gratitude for what one does have rather than lamenting what is lacking, as a means of empowering oneself to generate greater wealth and prosperity.

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