Quentin R. Bufogle: Alcohol Solves Problems

Posted by admin on Thursday, August 6, 2015

Quentin R. Bufogle Funny Money Quote saying buying solutions for problems is possible if you have enough cash – what can’t be bought can be drowned in booze. Quentin R. Bufogle said:
99% of all problems can be solved by money -- and for the other 1% there's alcohol Quote

“99% of all problems can be solved by money — and for the other 1% there’s alcohol” — Quentin R. Bufogle


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In this humorous quote, Quentin R. Bufogle is exaggerating for comedic effect that money can solve nearly all of life’s problems, with alcohol as a backup solution. His implication seems to be that from a superficial perspective, wealth appears to remedy most difficulties by providing means and opportunities, while intoxication offers temporary escape from lingering issues money can’t fix.

However, Bufogle is likely being tongue-in-cheek, as deeper problems of health, relationships and emotional well-being generally cannot truly be addressed or compensated for solely by financial means or substances.

The quote taps into a common sentiment about money’s perceived ability to improve circumstances, but does so through an intentionally absurd lens for humorous purposes rather than literal advice. It serves as lighthearted social commentary on superficial views of what constitutes resolution.

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