Money Don’t Matter 2 Night: Prince Lyrics

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Prince Money Music Lyrics saying in the song ‘Money Don’t Matter 2 Night’ making money matter (or not) depends whether you have it or can get more. Prince said:
Money don't matter 2 night It sure didn't matter yesterday Just when you think you've got more than enough That's when it all up and flies away Quote

“Money don’t matter 2 night It sure didn’t matter yesterday Just when you think you’ve got more than enough That’s when it all up and flies away” — Prince


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In these lyrics, Prince seems to be conveying the fleeting nature of wealth and material possessions. The lines “Money don’t matter 2 night” and “It sure didn’t matter yesterday” suggest that riches are temporary and do not guarantee lasting happiness or fulfillment.

Prince also describes how a person can feel they have “more than enough,” only to suddenly lose it all, with their money and resources “up and fly[ing] away.”

The overall message appears to be a caution about placing too much value on money and status, since no amount of wealth can ever fully protect against life’s uncertainties or truly satisfy the human spirit in the long run.

Prince portrays wealth as transient and emphasizes deeper, non-material factors are more important than the pursuit of riches alone.

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