Petronius: What Power Has Law

Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Petronius Money Quote saying there is little use of laws when money controls everything. Petronius said:
What power has law where only money rules? Quote

“What power has law where only money rules?” — Petronius


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In this quote, Petronius seems to be questioning the authority or relevance of legal and political systems when wealth is the true determining factor of power and influence.

Specifically, he implies that if financial resources alone dictate outcomes and decision making in a society, rather than impartial laws and principles of governance, then the power of the law itself is undermined or meaningless.

The best interpretation is that Petronius believed a system where money literally “rules” above all else compromises justice and the rule of law, since wealth in that scenario can simply buy outcomes and exemptions rather than legal merits deciding cases and policies.

Overall, the quote conveys Petronius’ perspective that allowing money to completely dominate the social order weakens the legitimacy and authority of the law, which requires fairness and consistency in its administration regardless of individuals’ financial standing according to an ideal he appears to endorse.

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