Peter S. Beagle: Food Illusion & Expense

Posted by admin on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Peter S. Beagle Money Quote saying Food takes to long to prepare and costs to much to justify the effort – don’t be fooled. Peter S. Beagle said:
No meal is good enough to justify money and efort wasted in preparing it. It is an illusion and an expense Quote

“No meal is good enough to justify all the money and effort wasted in preparing it. It is an illusion and an expense. Live as I do, undeceived” — Peter S. Beagle


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In this quote, Peter S. Beagle is criticizing the tendency to lavish excessive time, money and effort on elaborate meals that do not ultimately justify the resources invested in them. Some key points:

  • He suggests that no meal, no matter how extravagant, is worthwhile given all the “money and effort wasted” to prepare it to an unnecessary degree.
  • Beagle sees this as an “illusion” that the meal will be so amazing as to warrant extreme expense and labor rather than a practical “expense” that yields little real value.
  • He promotes living “undeceived” by this illusion and instead adopting a simpler, less wasteful approach to eating like his own sparse lifestyle.
  • The quote conveys that simplicity and moderation, rather than over-the-top extravagance, is a wiser path both practically and philosophically for something as routine as sharing a meal.

Overall, Beagle advocates realism over illusion when it comes to food, criticizing the tendency to turn eating into an ostentatious production through disproportionate costs and effort that do little beyond signaling status through consumption.

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