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Posted by admin on Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Paul Mooney Money Quote saying that American currency has images of white men printed on the face, but that doesn’t make everyone feel wealthy. Some prefer health. Paul Mooney said:
People in America worship money, and a white man's face on a green piece of paper does not make me wealthy Quote

“People in America worship money, and a white man’s face on a green piece of paper does not make me wealthy. My health makes me wealthy. I used to work at a hospital, so I know the real deal” — Paul Mooney


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In this quote, comedian Paul Mooney is critiquing American values and what truly constitutes wealth. He suggests that while money is revered in US culture, possessing currency featuring images of white historical figures does not in itself make him feel wealthy or secure. Mooney implies that genuine riches come from health and well-being, not financial status alone.

He seems to be advocating for a broader definition of wealth that includes physical, mental and community wellness over the narrow focus on accumulation of money and property. Overall, the quote encourages society to prioritize health as the true foundation for a rich life, as informed by Mooney’s experience working in healthcare.

Birthday: August 4, 1941 – Death: May 19, 2021

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