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Posted by admin on Thursday, July 14, 2022

Paul Auster Money Quote saying money is rarely what you expect it to be, it’s got to have the last word. Paul Auster said:
Money is never just money. It's always something else, always has the last word Quote

“But money, of course, is never just money. It’s always something else, and it’s always something more, and it always has the last word” — Paul Auster


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In this quote, Paul Auster seems to be conveying that money is a complex entity that represents more than its face value or practical uses. Some key points:

  • He states that money is “never just money” and there are deeper layers of meaning and impact.
  • Auster says money is “always something else” as well, referring to its social, psychological and symbolic dimensions beyond a medium of exchange.
  • The quote suggests money also serves as “something more” – as a measure of net worth, status, opportunity and security, taking on outsized importance.
  • Auster portrays money as having “the last word” in that it often determines the parameters and options available to people in many situations.

Overall, the quote reflects Auster’s perspective that while money facilitates practical needs, it also permeates many aspects of human life, relationships and self-image. Its influence extends beyond transactions into the realms of identity, power dynamics and life chances according to this view that money represents much more than its face value to both individuals and societies on deeper levels, for better or worse.

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