P.T. Barnum: Terrible Master

Posted by admin on Saturday, December 12, 2020

P.T. Barnum Money Quote saying determining whether the boss is money or if it acts as our servant. P.T. Barnum said:
Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant Quote

“Money is in some respects like fire; it is a very excellent servant but a terrible master” — P. T. Barnum


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In this quote, P.T. Barnum seems to be commenting on the complex relationship between money and happiness. By comparing money to fire in that it can be an “excellent servant but a terrible master”, Barnum implies that while financial resources enable opportunities and comforts when kept in proper perspective, becoming dominated or defined by the pursuit of wealth risks negative consequences.

The quote conveys Barnum’s perspective that money has the potential to enhance life when valued as a tool for living fully rather than an end in itself, but excessive focus on its accumulation can become an all-consuming drive that impairs well-being. Overall, he appears to be advocating maintaining moderation with finances so that they serve rather than rule one’s choices and priorities.

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