Ovid: Gold Will Purchase Love

Posted by admin on Monday, February 7, 2022

Ovid Money Quote saying gold will get respect and may even buy love for some. Ovid said:
Gold will buy the highest honours; and gold will purchase love Quote

“Gold will buy the highest honours; and gold will purchase love” — Ovid


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Ovid is suggesting that wealth or “gold” can be used to attain status and honors in society. It can also be used to attract romantic love or affection from others, perhaps by lavishing gifts or spending money on someone.

However, the love or honors obtained this way may not be sincere or lasting, since they are purchased rather than freely given. Overall, Ovid seems to be making a cynical comment about how money and wealth can be used to manipulate social standing and relationships.

Birthday: March 20, 43 BC – Death: 17 AD

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