Osho: Trees Not Become Rich

Posted by admin on Sunday, May 14, 2023

Meaning of Osho Money Quote: saying nature seems happy at all times, without striving for wealth or bank balances. Osho said:

not going to become rich and they will never have any bank balance Quote

“Trees are happy for no reason; they are not going to become prime ministers or presidents and they are not going to become rich and they will never have any bank balance” — Osho


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This quote from Osho suggests that trees experience joy and contentment without needing achievements, status, wealth or financial security in the way humans often pursue. Some key points in interpreting his perspective:

  • Osho portrays trees as naturally feeling happiness without external motivations like career success, social climbing, money accumulation or bank accounts that drive much human behavior.
  • He implies trees simply live and thrive without these artificial measures of self-worth, finding beauty in their purpose as plants and participation in the ecosystem.
  • Osho’s perspective conveys the viewpoint that a simpler, more natural state may involve fewer conditions on fulfillment than seeking happiness through worldly metrics alone.
  • However, reasonable people can disagree on what defines meaning, as humans pursue diverse paths according to personal philosophy and what optimizes well-being is an ongoing discussion as conditions change over one’s lifespan.

Overall, the quote reflects Osho’s belief that trees exemplify a form of joy unattached to human social constructs. But the best interpretation considers this perspective as one of many valid stances, and recognizes that for many, happiness stems from a balance of security, relationships, spiritual fulfillment and freely pursuing one’s passions according to personal temperament and priorities at any stage of life. Multiple perspectives have value in ongoing discussions about defining and achieving life’s rewards.

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