Oscar Wilde: Time Wastes Money

Posted by admin on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Oscar Wilde Funny Money Quote turning the well-worn phrase on its head changes meaning but it’s still very true. Oscar Wilde said:
Time is a waste of money Quote

Time is a waste of money — Oscar Wilde


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In this quote, Oscar Wilde is subverting the common saying that “time is money” by instead stating that “time is a waste of money”. He seems to be suggesting that viewing time solely through an economic lens, as a commodity that can and should be optimized for maximum financial gain, is a limited and potentially counterproductive perspective.

By calling time a “waste of money”, Wilde implies that focusing too narrowly on earning and accumulating wealth within the constraints of limited time on earth may cause one to miss out on more meaningful or fulfilling non-financial experiences. The key message is that defining one’s life or the value of time primarily in monetary terms risks neglecting less tangible but still important factors like relationships, personal growth or enjoyment.

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