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Orville Wright Money Quote saying about Octave Chanute, civil engineer & aviation pioneer that witnessed first wright brothers flights. Orville Wright said:
Expectation of recovering the money we were expending on it, he gave us much encouragement Quote

“When he learned that we were interested in flying as a sport, and not with any expectation of recovering the money we were expending on it, he gave us much encouragement” — Orville Wright


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This quote from Orville Wright suggests that when others realized the Wright brothers’ interest in aviation was driven more by passion and recreation rather than expectations of financial gain, it helped encourage their experimental work.

The quote implies that once the Wrights’ motivations were seen as enjoying flight for its own sake rather than expecting to profit monetarily from their efforts, they received greater support.

Orville seems to have been saying that pursuing an activity or sport primarily for enjoyment rather than income expectations can help foster encouragement from others.

The overall message is that taking an interest-led rather than profit-led approach to an endeavor may help cultivate support and goodwill for following one’s dreams.

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