Orrin Woodward: Bankrupted Souls

Posted by admin on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Orrin Woodward Money Quote saying many times our financial state is reflected in the mirror of our existential condition. Orrin Woodward said:
Bankrupted finances is a reflection of bankrupted souls Quote

“Most times, bankrupted finances is a reflection of bankrupted souls” — Orrin Woodward


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This quote from Orrin Woodward is making a connection between financial bankruptcy and spiritual/moral bankruptcy. The quote suggests that when someone experiences financial ruin through bankruptcy, it often reflects an underlying “bankruptcy” or lack within their character, values or soul.

Woodward seems to be saying that true prosperity requires not just financial discipline but also strong principles, integrity and virtues.

So in essence, the quote means that personal bankruptcy may be a symptom of deeper inner flaws or shortcomings, implying one’s financial troubles are mirrored by deficiencies in their spirit or moral compass.

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