Ogden Nash: Money Merited Not Inherited

Posted by admin on Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ogden Nash Funny Money Quote saying if one deserves their wealth, then it must not be an inheritance that brought it to them. Ogden Nash said:
Ogden Nash Some people’s money is merited, And other people’s is inherited quote

“Some people’s money is merited, And other people’s is inherited” — Ogden Nash


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This quote by Ogden Nash suggests that some people earn their wealth through skill, hard work or business acumen (“merited”), while others obtain money simply by virtue of being born into wealthy families (“inherited”).

The best interpretation is that there are different paths to financial prosperity, and while inheritance allows for privilege, self-made success demonstrates true merit and grit.

Wealth on its own does not define a person’s character – what really matters is how one uses their resources and opportunities to better the lives of others.

This quote serves as a reminder not to make assumptions and that wealth distribution in society is complex with many influences, both earned and unearned.

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