Noam Chomsky on Class Mobility

Posted by admin on Saturday, January 25, 2014

Noam Chomsky Money Quotation saying working hard is no longer a guarantee you’ll get rich if you start poor now – in film ‘Requiem for the American Dream’. Noam Chomsky said:
Part of the American Dream is class mobility. You're born poor, you work hard, you get rich. It's all collapsed Quote

“Part of the American Dream is class mobility. You’re born poor, you work hard, you get rich. It’s all collapsed” — Noam Chomsky


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In this quote, Noam Chomsky is commenting on the diminished reality of the “American Dream” of social mobility through hard work. The best interpretation is:

  • The American Dream traditionally promised that through dedication and effort, people could rise above their socioeconomic class at birth and achieve prosperity.
  • Chomsky argues this dream has largely “collapsed” as social mobility has declined and the gap between rich and poor widened.
  • His view is that the class one is born into now more strongly determines their economic outcomes and opportunities rather than individual initiative and labor alone.
  • The overall message is Chomsky’s belief that entrenched inequality and lack of opportunity have undermined the once attainable promise that hard work guarantees upward mobility and fulfillment of the American Dream for all.

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