Nicole Sallak Anderson: Wage-Less Women

Posted by admin on Thursday, June 22, 2017

Nicole Sallak Anderson Money Quote saying women have worked without pay forever, as homemakers, caregivers and mothers and deserve a Universal Basic Income (UBI). Nicole Sallak Anderson said:
Universal Basic Income - Women, wageless workers for decades Quote

“Many men are fighting for Universal Basic Income as a means to save themselves from a wage-less future — what have women, many of whom have been wage-less workers for decades, been waiting for?” — Nicole Sallak Anderson


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Nicole Sallak Anderson is pointing out a double standard. For decades, many women have worked in unpaid or low-paid jobs like caregiving and domestic work. Now that some men fear losing paid work to automation and AI, there is growing support for a Universal Basic Income that could help all people.

However, Anderson questions why this type of policy was not advocated for or implemented earlier when it was primarily women who were wageless workers. Her quote highlights the need to consider gender perspectives and support all people equally, not just when an issue directly impacts certain groups.

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