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Posted by admin on Thursday, July 8, 2021

Nelson Rockefeller Money Quote saying to be successful is to be a controller, not an owner of things. Nelson Rockefeller said:
The secret to success is to own nothing, but control everything Quote

“The secret to success is to own nothing, but control everything” — Nelson Rockefeller


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In this quote, former U.S. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller is offering an unconventional perspective on achieving success. On the surface, he suggests that rather than owning assets outright, true power and influence come from controlling resources indirectly through other means.

Some possible interpretations are that influence over policy, public opinion, or business decisions can be more strategically impactful than direct ownership alone. It may also imply that maintaining flexibility and options through leasing, contracts, or joint ventures rather than full ownership is a shrewder long-term approach.

Overall, Rockefeller seems to be advising ambitious individuals to think beyond traditional definitions of success focused solely on accumulation of property, and to consider more nuanced forms of control that don’t require ownership on paper.

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