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Posted by admin on Saturday, December 31, 2016

Funny alteration of a word that means to pay back for an expense, turned on its head to mean “Pay in advance for an expected future expense” – which would demand that we spend the money on that specific expense. First use attributable to Nathan Smith.
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Money Word “Preimburse” — Nathan Smith


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There is no context provided for the money word “preimburse” coined by Nathan Smith, so it’s difficult to interpret with certainty. However, making an educated guess:

  • “Preimburse” seems to be a portmanteau of “pre” meaning before, and “reimburse” meaning to repay or compensate someone for money spent or losses incurred.
  • It could potentially refer to providing funds to someone anticipatorily or proactively, before they have actually spent any money themselves for which they might request reimbursement later.
  • In other words, “preimbursing” might mean financing or covering anticipated future expenses up-front rather than paying someone back afterwards.
  • The word was likely coined by Nathan Smith to succinctly describe this notion of reimbursing or compensating for costs prior to them being incurred.

Without more context, this is the best interpretation I can provide of the meaning and intent behind Smith coining the money word “preimburse.” Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!

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