Nathan Rothschild: Sell, Regret & Grow Rich

Posted by admin on Friday, July 31, 2015

Nathan Rothschild Money Quotation saying sell investments while they are on the ascent but before they begin a decline – regret what profit you missed and move your gains. Nathan Rothschild said:
Nathan Rothschild How did I make my fortune? By always selling too soon. Sell, regret - and grow rich quote

“How did I make my fortune? By always selling too soon. Sell, regret – and grow rich” — Nathan Rothschild


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In this quote, banker Nathan Rothschild is offering a lesson about wealth accumulation. His view seems to be that one should regularly take profits from investments, even if they continue rising in value, rather than greedily holding on hoping for greater gains.

Rothschild implies that by selling assets sooner rather than later, one avoids potential regrets from missed opportunities to realize profits. While this may mean missing out on some additional upside, it also protects capital from downside risks.

Rothschild’s perspective is that consistently “selling too soon” in a disciplined, risk-averse manner allows profits to compound over the long run through reinvestment of proceeds, ultimately leading to greater riches than trying to maximize returns on each individual investment.

The quote conveys Rothschild’s belief that patience and taking gains regularly is the surest path to building wealth in the market.

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