Napoleon Hill: Riches Offspring of Thought

Posted by admin on Friday, April 20, 2018

Napoleon Hill Money Quote saying our financial state is a reflection of our thoughts about our financial value. Napoleon Hill said:
both poverty and riches are offspring of thought Quote

“Both poverty and riches are offspring of thought” — Napoleon Hill


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In this quote, Napoleon Hill is emphasizing the power of one’s mindset and thinking in shaping their financial circumstances and wealth. Some key points:

  • Hill suggests that a person’s level of prosperity or lack thereof (poverty) stems significantly from their dominant thoughts and beliefs about money.
  • He implies that positive, ambitious thinking aligned with clear goals and a plan can help attract “riches,” while scarcity mindsets may contribute to the experience of “poverty.”
  • The quote conveys that internalizing empowering or limiting beliefs about one’s economic potential can become self-fulfilling prophesies impacting outward conditions.
  • Hill promotes developing a mindset oriented toward success rather than lack, as a way of influencing one’s financial trajectory and opportunities.

Overall, the quote highlights Hill’s perspective that mind is intimately connected to matter – one’s predominant thoughts shape reality by determining actions and how wealth is created or not according to abilities and circumstances.

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