Nabil N. Jamal: Buying Lock & Keys

Posted by admin on Sunday, February 25, 2018

Nabil N. Jamal Money Quote saying when our protection is vulnerable to many, our valuables are not secure. A better lock is a good start to protect what is most important. Nabil N. Jamal said:
A key that opens many locks is worth buying. A lock than can be opened with many keys isn't Quote

“A key that opens many locks is worth buying. A lock that can be opened with many keys isn’t” — Nabil N. Jamal


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This quote from Nabil N. Jamal is drawing an analogy between keys/locks and people’s sexuality. It suggests that a person who is able to form relationships or attract many partners (“opens many locks”) has value and is desirable (“is worth buying”).

In contrast, a person who readily accepts or is influenced by many people (“can be opened with many keys”) lacks exclusivity and discernment, and therefore has little worth.

The quote promotes the idea that selectivity and commitment in relationships is preferable to promiscuity or a lack of boundaries. It encourages judging oneself and others based on the quality rather than quantity of their relationships and connections.

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