Muhammad on Pleasing God with Making Money

Posted by admin on Saturday, February 23, 2013

Muhammad Money Quotation saying that earning an income is seen as a respected activity. Muhammad said:
He who makes money pleases God Quote

“He who makes money pleases God” — Muhammad


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This quote attributed to Muhammad is likely referring to the idea that earning a livelihood through honest, ethical work is pleasing to God. In many religions, being self-sufficient and providing for oneself and one’s family through legitimate employment is viewed positively.

However, the quote should not be interpreted to mean that amassing wealth or prioritizing money above all else is what is most important religiously. Rather, it suggests that making an income in a moral, responsible way to meet one’s needs and obligations is commendable in the eyes of God or from a spiritual perspective.

The focus is more on dignified self-sufficiency through work than the accumulation of riches for their own sake.

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