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Posted by admin on Thursday, February 2, 2023

Meaning of Morgan Housel Money Quote: saying can’t overemphasize the true value of money – control over time. Morgan Housel said:

Money’s greatest intrinsic value to give you control over your time Quote

“Money’s greatest intrinsic value — and this can’t be overstated — is its ability to give you control over your time” — Morgan Housel


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Morgan Housel seems to be emphasizing the importance of money’s ability to buy freedom and control over how one spends their time.

His view is that having sufficient financial resources allows people to choose how they allocate their hours each day rather than being constrained or compelled to work primarily out of necessity.

Housel’s quote suggests that money’s greatest inherent worth lies in providing independence and discretion over one’s schedule by reducing dependence on others or an inflexible job for survival.

Overall, he appears to be arguing that money’s primary value is in effectively purchasing more personal autonomy and discretion in the use of one’s own time.

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