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Milton Berle Funny Money Quote – Quotation saying that even though there are gifts of the spirit that don’t require payment, most of us ask only for things that must be purchased. Milton Berle said:
There are a lot of things money can’t buy. Not one of them is on my son’s list Quote

“There are a lot of things money can’t buy. Not one of them is on my son’s list” — Milton Berle


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This quote by comedian Milton Berle is commenting humorously on his son’s Christmas list and consumerist desires. Berle is saying that while money cannot buy things like love or happiness, all the items on his son’s Christmas list are material goods and gifts that would require purchasing.

The joke is that his son, like many children, is not asking for non-material gifts but only wants presents and things that can be bought with money. This quote highlights the comedian’s wit while also pointing out how children at Christmas can be more focused on tangible gifts than intangible gifts of the spirit.

Birthday: July 12, 1908 – Death: March 27, 2002

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