Michael Lewis: Get Rich on Dumb Moves

Posted by admin on Friday, November 17, 2017

Michael Lewis Money Quote saying no need to be smart to get rich if being dumb will get the same or better results. Michael Lewis said:

What are the odds people will make smart decisions about money if they can get rich making dumb decisions? Quote

“What are the odds that people will make smart decisions about money if they don’t need to make smart decisions — if they can get rich making dumb decisions?” — Michael Lewis


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In this quote, Michael Lewis is questioning whether people will consistently make prudent financial choices if there are few consequences for imprudent ones. By posing the rhetorical question of what are the odds of smart decision-making if people can get wealthy through dumb decisions, Lewis implies that without discipline or accountability, wealth may be accumulated through folly as easily as wisdom.

The interpretation is that Lewis doubts the ability or willingness of many to exercise financial prudence if lack of care or forethought does not impede success and riches. His view suggests responsible money management skills may deteriorate without incentives for care, planning and risk assessment created by an environment where foolishness leads more readily to loss.

The overall message conveyed is Lewis’ skepticism that wealth attained through laxity will necessarily be managed judiciously thereafter if amassing riches requires no discipline, acumen or effort to avoid pitfalls along the way.

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