Merle Haggard: Fun or Money?

Posted by admin on Saturday, April 6, 2019

Merle Haggard Money Quote saying he would definitely take the road less traveled when choosing between enjoyment or cash equivalent. Merle Haggard said:
If I had a choice, and there was a

“If I had a choice, and there was a “Y” in the road, I would always take the one that was more fun as opposed to the one that might make me more money” — Merle Haggard


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In this quote, country music legend Merle Haggard is saying that when presented with two career or life paths to take, if given the choice he would always choose the one that seemed more enjoyable and fun, even if it didn’t necessarily promise greater financial rewards.

He prioritizes following his passions and doing what interests him most, rather than just aiming for the option that could make him more money.

Haggard is conveying that to him, finding fulfillment and pleasure in his work is more important than strictly pursuing the economically advantageous route. He would opt for the road in life that provided fun and satisfaction over just focusing on monetary gains.

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