Melanie White: Christmas Debt Deeper

Posted by admin on Sunday, December 25, 2016

Melanie White Funny Money Quote saying it seems we never learn to stop spending what we don’t have, even though we added more debt last Christmas. Melanie White said:
I get the same thing for Christmas every year – deeper in debt Quote

“I get the same thing for Christmas every year – deeper in debt” — Melanie White


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In this quote, Melanie White seems to be making a self-deprecating joke about the financial impact of the Christmas season. By saying she gets “deeper in debt” every year, White humorously acknowledges that between gifts, food, travel and other holiday expenses, her credit card balance tends to increase rather than decrease after Christmas.

Her comment suggests the costs of celebrating the season far outweigh any presents she receives.

Overall, White appears to be lightheartedly commiserating about how good intentions to spread holiday cheer often come at the literal price of taking on more debt that will follow her into the new year. The quote reflects the relatable experience of many who find their bank accounts feel a bit emptier after a festive Christmas.

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