Max von Sydow: Producers Gamble

Posted by admin on Monday, March 9, 2020

Max von Sydow Money Quote saying movie producers want good ROI and won’t risk their money on unknowns. Max von Sydow said:
Producers are not gamblers. They want a good return on their investment Quote

“Producers are not gamblers. They want a good return on their investment” — Max von Sydow


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In this quote, Max von Sydow is characterizing how film and television producers approach their projects from a financial perspective. When he says producers “are not gamblers”, he means they do not make investments hoping to get lucky against the odds like true gamblers do.

Rather, von Sydow states producers “want a good return on their investment”, implying they seek projects that have a strong chance of earning back their costs and hopefully being profitable based on market realities.

The quote suggests producers aim to mitigate financial risk and want reliable commercial prospects, not just take wild stabs in the dark.

Overall, von Sydow appears to be conveying that producers strategize to get the best financial yields possible on their investments, not gamble haphazardly according to this interpretation.

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