Maureen Johnson: Hatch Your Money Egg

Posted by admin on Saturday, November 19, 2016

Maureen Johnson Money Quote saying you must do things with money and not expect it to come to life without love & attention paid to its use. Maureen Johnson said:
Money is for doing things, my love. Don't sit on it like a hen sits on an egg. It doesn't hatch. I should know. I've made enough of it Quote

“Money is for doing things, my love. Don’t sit on it like a hen sits on an egg. It doesn’t hatch. I should know. I’ve made enough of it” — Maureen Johnson


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In this quote, Maureen Johnson seems to be advising against hoarding or being overly attached to money. She suggests that wealth is meant to be used, not simply accumulated and held onto without purpose.

Johnson draws on her own experience of making a significant amount of money to caution against the mentality of “sitting on” money like a hen sits on eggs, passively waiting for it to grow on its own.

Rather, she implies that money is best spent and invested in meaningful ways that create value, such as supporting causes one cares about or experiencing life’s opportunities.

The quote conveys the message that money should be viewed as a tool to actively improve one’s life and help others, not as an end in itself or something to cling to anxiously without purpose.

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