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Matthew Henry Money Quote saying that having money brings stress in properly investing, saving and spending them. Matthew Henry said:
There is a burden of care in getting riches; sorrow in losing them; and a burden of account Quote

“There is a burden of care in getting riches; fear in keeping them; temptation in using them; guilt in abusing them; sorrow in losing them; and a burden of account at last to be given concerning them” — Matthew Henry


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In this quote, Matthew Henry seems to be outlining the various difficulties, stresses and responsibilities associated with accumulating and managing wealth across the different stages of having money. Specifically:

  • Henry notes there is effort and “burden of care” involved in initially earning or acquiring riches.
  • Once attained, riches bring “fear” around keeping and maintaining one’s wealth.
  • Spending money well brings “temptation” to indulge excessively rather than prudently.
  • Misusing wealth results in “guilt” over any harms or unethical acts committed to obtain it.
  • Losing riches after having them causes resultant “sorrow”.
  • Ultimately, Henry states there will be a heavy “burden of account” to give regarding one’s stewardship of money when life concludes.

The best interpretation is that Matthew Henry believed wealth involves ongoing challenges, worries and accountability at each phase – from obtaining it to answering for one’s use of it after death. According to Henry, money demands much care and responsibility across its entire lifespan in one’s possession and beyond.

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