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Posted by admin on Monday, October 12, 2020

Matthew Clayfield Money Quote saying money buys all but what you most want it to – such as new opportunities once past. Matthew Clayfield said:
Money buys you everything except the chance to do it again Quote

“Money buys you everything except the chance to do it again” — Matthew Clayfield


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In this quote, Matthew Clayfield seems to be conveying the limitations of money in certain aspects of life. By stating that money can “buy you everything except the chance to do it again”, Clayfield implies that while wealth enables access to opportunities and experiences, it cannot turn back the clock or provide do-overs. The quote portrays Clayfield’s perspective that for all its advantages, money still cannot purchase a second chance at moments or choices of the past once lost.

Overall, he appears to be acknowledging that for all its power to obtain what one desires in the present, wealth cannot remedy or replace fleeting moments in life that pass irrevocably as time moves forward. There is a sense that Clayfield values fully living in the moment over any monetary compensation later.

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