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Posted by admin on Monday, June 25, 2018

Matt Patsky Money Quote saying all investment decisions have either an effect of good or a bad effect and the same is true of daily spending. Matt Patsky said:
Every dolar we spend or invest has impacts, whether they are positive or negative Quote

“Every dollar we spend or invest has impacts, whether they are positive or negative” — Matt Patsky


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In this quote, entrepreneur and impact investor Matt Patsky seems to be emphasizing that financial decisions have wider consequences beyond just monetary outcomes.

Patsky notes that every time money changes hands through spending, donations or investments, it affects other people and issues in some way. He appears to be suggesting these “impacts” may be either “positive” if the money supports ethical companies/causes that better society and the environment, or “negative” if the funds wind up backing harmful practices that damage communities or the planet.

The overall interpretation is that according to Patsky’s perspective expressed here, it’s important for individuals and organizations to consider the wider ripple effects of their financial choices, as money is never neutral and will influence the world for better or worse through the activities it enables or supports. He seems to want people making conscious assessments of spending/investment impacts rather than just focusing narrowly on returns.

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