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Posted by admin on Monday, August 30, 2021

Matt LeBlanc Money Quote saying you either have money and don’t trust anyone or you don’t have money and have worries. Matt LeBlanc said:
You acquire some money, so then you've got no financial burdens, everyone wants your money and so who can you trust? Or you've got no money but worry to pay bills Quote

“The way I look at it, everything is a trade. You acquire some money, so then you’ve got no financial burdens, but everyone wants your money and so who can you trust? Or you’ve got no money and you can trust anyone, but then you’ve got the worry to pay bills. Which is worse?” — Matt LeBlanc


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Matt LeBlanc is saying that having either money or trust comes with its own set of challenges and burdens. If you have money, you no longer have financial worries but it becomes harder to know who genuinely cares about you as a person rather than just your wealth.

Whereas if you lack money, you can more easily trust others’ motives since you don’t have valuable resources, but you have to deal with stress over paying basic living expenses.

The best interpretation is that LeBlanc is acknowledging life involves difficult tradeoffs – money provides security but damages relationships, while lack of money improves relationships but brings economic anxiety instead.

Overall he seems to suggest neither extreme is ideal and both money and trust are difficult to balance in their own ways.

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