Matt Damon: Stay Away From Poker

Posted by admin on Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Matt Damon Money Quote saying it’s best to avoid playing poker unless you know the game better than the professional gamblers asking you to play. Matt Damon said:
As for poker, I've stayed away from that. They just want to take my money. Actor, easy money Quote

“As for poker, I’ve stayed away from that, even though when I was in Vegas for Ocean’s Eleven, I would get accosted by these guys begging me to play. They just want to take my money. They see me, think ‘actor’ and see some easy money” — Matt Damon


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In this quote, Matt Damon is explaining why he avoids playing poker, even when directly invited to by others in casinos. By saying the people approaching him to play “just want to take my money” and “see me, think ‘actor’ and see some easy money”, Damon implies he believes some poker players specifically target and try to take advantage of celebrity or professional players they perceive as wealthy and inexperienced at the game.

The interpretation is that Damon thinks as an actor without poker expertise, he could be preyed upon and lose significant funds just because of his status and public profile, not because of any real poker skill on his part. His perspective conveys skepticism about the motivations and fairness of being recruited to games by those essentially viewing him as a cash cow to fleece rather than an equal player.

Overall, the quote suggests Damon declined such invitations due to believing his money and inexperience could make him an easy target or “mark” for sharper poker strategists looking to profit from his celebrity rather than engage in an honest contest of skill.

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