Mary Lasker: Disease, Research Expensive?

Posted by admin on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mary Lasker Money Quotation saying The cost to society of disease is far greater than the cost of research to defeat it. Mary Lasker said:
Mary Lasker If you think research is expensive, try disease! quote

“If you think research is expensive, try disease!” — Mary Lasker


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In this quote, Mary Lasker is making the argument that funding medical research is critically important. She is saying that failing to invest in research would be an even more “expensive” choice, as it could allow diseases to spread and harm public health.

By stating that disease itself is more costly than research, Lasker is emphasizing that money spent on scientific inquiry is an investment that pays off in medical advances, treatments and ultimately savings from improved health outcomes.

The quote suggests that neglecting to support research would have high long-term expenses in terms of human suffering and healthcare costs from preventable illnesses. Overall, Lasker is strongly advocating for continued financial backing of medical studies.

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