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Posted by admin on Friday, April 2, 2021

Marvin Gaye Money Quote saying inflation wipes out any increases in income, while money is still owed and young men are sent off to war. Marvin Gaye said:
Inflation, no chance, To increase finance. Bills pile up sky high. Send that boy off to die Quote

“Inflation, no chance, to increase finance. Bills Pile up sky high. Send that boy off to die” — Marvin Gaye


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Marvin Gaye is commenting in his song on the relationship between inflation, government spending priorities and war with his lyrics. The lines suggest that inflation is not a random occurrence but rather a deliberate policy used by governments to boost tax revenues through a rising cost of living (“inflation, no chance, to increase finance”).

Gaye implies this added revenue is spent on accumulating excessive bills (“Bills Pile up sky high”) that can only be paid off by sending young people to fight in wars (“Send that boy off to die”).

The overall interpretation is that Gaye views inflation as a tax that is used to fund military spending, with wars becoming a consequence of this fiscal policy approach. He seems to be criticizing how inflation and government finances can indirectly contribute to the costs of conflict.

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