Marvin Gaye: Can’t Pay My Taxes

Posted by admin on Friday, April 2, 2021

Marvin Gaye Money Quote saying that it’s frustrating to be unable to pay taxes when struggling to get by – from ‘Inner City Blues’ 1971. Marvin Gaye sang:
Natural fact is. I can't pay my taxes. Oh, make me wanna holler. And throw up both my hands Quote

“Natural fact is. I can’t pay my taxes. Oh, make me wanna holler. And throw up both my hands” — Marvin Gaye


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In this lyric, Marvin Gaye is expressing feelings of frustration and despair related to financial difficulties. The lines suggest he is unable to pay taxes owed, to the extent that it makes him want to cry out loudly and throw his hands up in exasperation. Gaye appears to be conveying the stress of not having enough money or resources to meet his fiscal obligations through no fault of his own, but simply due to lack of means.

Overall, the lyric captures a sense of disillusionment and helplessness in the face of economic challenges beyond one’s control through no lack of effort or willingness to comply with responsibilities.

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