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Martin Luther King, Jr. Money Quote saying that rather than money, that love should be how debts are paid. Martin Luther King, Jr. said:
We can dream of an America, and a world, in which love and not money are civilization's bottom line Quote

“We can dream of an America, and a world, in which love and not money are civilization’s bottom line” — Martin Luther King, Jr.


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In this quote, Martin Luther King Jr. is expressing his vision of an ideal society where human relationships and compassion take precedence over financial concerns. He dreams of an America and world where “love and not money” are the fundamental priorities guiding civilization.

King seems to be suggesting that when money and economic factors become the primary bottom line or measure of success, it can undermine more humanistic values like caring for others, building community, and treating people with dignity.

His view was that a world centered around love rather than wealth would be one with less inequality, conflict and suffering. The quote conveys King’s hope for a social order focused on virtues like empathy, kindness and goodwill between all people.

Birthday: January 15, 1929 – Death: April 4, 1968

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