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Posted by admin on Sunday, October 20, 2013

Martha F. Newmeyer Money Quotation saying we’ve been told incessantly that when we die – we can’t take our stuff or our money – but will those possessions last until our death. Martha F. Newmeyer said:
I can't take it with me I know But will it last until I go? Quote

“I can’t take it with me I know But will it last until I go?” — Martha F. Newmeyer

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In this quote, Martha F. Newmeyer appears to be contemplating the fleeting nature of wealth and material possessions. By asking “I can’t take it with me I know” she acknowledges that riches cannot be brought into the afterlife, and “But will it last until I go?” questions whether accumulated wealth will even endure until the end of one’s natural lifetime on Earth.

The quote conveys a sense of uncertainty about the permanence or lasting value of financial abundance, given its transience over the course of a human lifespan and beyond. Newmeyer seems to be expressing philosophical doubts about devoting too much effort to accumulating possessions that may not provide long-term security or fulfillment.

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