Marshall McLuhan: Credit for the Poor

Posted by admin on Sunday, May 18, 2014

Marshall McLuhan Money Quotation saying cash represents purchasing power to a poor man, just as credit cards – although without the flexibility. Marshall McLuhan said:
Money is just the poor man's credit card Quote

“Money is just the poor man’s credit card” — Marshall McLuhan


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In this quote, Marshall McLuhan is drawing a comparison between money and credit cards as different forms of economic power and means of purchasing goods. He suggests that money functions in a similar way to a credit card for those who have limited financial resources, as it allows people to obtain things they need in the present before having fully earned or saved the required funds.

Just as a credit card enables ongoing spending backed by future income or credit limits, money serves as a temporary stand-in that represents a person’s future ability to work, produce value and earn a living.

So McLuhan sees money as essentially acting as a “poor man’s credit card” in that it substitutes for more advanced forms of credit access that are typically only available to wealthier individuals or those with higher incomes and creditworthiness.

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