Collage Artist Mark Wagner on Money as Art

Posted by admin on Saturday, May 17, 2014

Below are comments made by Paper Collage Artist Mark Wagner about his money collage art, work that makes us look more closely at currency. The video directly below has none of the quotes, but features Wagner talking to CBS Sunday Morning about his art. The quotes come from the second video on the page below from Avant Garde Diaries, titled “Money is Material”:

“The taboo around destroying a dollar bill makes people pay more attention to what … I’m doing than if I was using any other piece of paper”

“The object in question is essentially just a piece of paper. Money and currency don’t actually exist in the real world, they’re just something that we’ve made up”

“Sometimes I stop thinking of it as a dollar bill, I just think about it as materials. I have to remind myself sometimes that it’s worth money

“It’s basically the most popular piece of paper on the planet”

“The dollar bill is ostensibly the most successful publication ever printed” – Mark Wagner

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