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Posted by admin on Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Meaning of Mark Sundeen Money Quote: saying Financing debt and watching credit will keep our eyes on the past and the future. Mark Sundeen said:


Credit and debt keep us fixated on the past and the future Quote

“Credit and debt keep us fixated on the past and the future” — Mark Sundeen


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Mark Sundeen appears to be suggesting that being in debt or relying heavily on credit can distract us from fully experiencing and appreciating the present moment. When we owe money or are focused on making payments, it keeps us constantly thinking about financial obligations from the past (what we previously spent) and worries about the future (paying it all back).

This may prevent us from being fully engaged in and mindful of the here and now. According to Sundeen, credit and debt can fixate us on the past costs and future financial responsibilities rather than allowing us to be fully present in the current time.

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