Mark Russell: Money Goes Fast

Posted by admin on Monday, April 13, 2020

Mark Russell Money Quote saying money goes so fast, that it should look faster. A spoiler might help. Mark Russell said:
The way money goes so fast these days, they should paint racing stripes on it Quote

“The way money goes so fast these days, they should paint racing stripes on it” — Mark Russell


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In this quote, Mark Russell seems to be making a humorous observation about the speed with which money flows through the economy and individual hands. By stating that with how quickly money moves now, “they should paint racing stripes on it”, Russell implies that currency changes ownership and destination at such a rapid pace that it could use visual indicators to match its velocity, like the stripes used to mark fast vehicles.

The lighthearted tone suggests Russell is jokingly commenting on how money circulates so quickly in modern times between spending, earning, investing and more, that it resembles a speeding object in need of decorations befitting its pace. Overall, the quote portrays Russell using hyperbole for comedic effect to underscore how money’s transitory nature has only increased with economic complexity, globalization and digital transactions that concentrate wealth in ever briefer periods of possession.

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